Cyber Security For Business

Course: Diploma in networking

Designation: Server Technician


    Methodology: Technical Sequence + Skill Set + out of box activities

    Skill Set:

    • Designing functional network infrastructure.
    • Network & Server troubleshooting experience.
    • Operating all tools, components and peripheral accessories essential for network designing.
    • Maintenance of network & server.
    • Configuring server NOS and applications software.
    • Install and upgrade server-class hardware.
    • Structure network for Work-Station and server.
    • Configure Directory Structure for users,groups and shared resources in a typical network.
    • Configure Network storage.
    • Create data backups and disaster recovery plan.
    • Create security policy,web policy and encryption.
    • Structuring network for Workstation and server.
    • Assemble and disassemble computing hardware for workstation.
    • Configuration router for different routing protocol.
    • Configuration switch for different routing protocol.
    • Presentation, Communication, Team Work and Reporting ability.




    Overview of Vulnerability Scanning, Open port/service identification, Banner/version check, OpenVas,Metaspoilt, Scanning for web,Application inspection,Webgoat,DVWA,John the Ripper, Hydra, etc in Kali Linux.



    SQLmap,THC – Amap and system tools, Network defense tools, vulnerability tools,