Cloud Computing For Business


Course: Hardware Printer-Repairing

Designation: Hardware Technician


    Methodology: Technical sequence + skill set + out of box activities

    Skill Set:

    • Hands on hardware troubleshooting experience.
    • Ability to operate tools, components and peripheral accessories.
    • Basic Maintenance (CPU & Monitor)
    • Dust cleaning and hardware inspections
    • BIOS/ Operating System tweaking and updating.
    • Driver update and verification
    • Installation of device drivers.
    • Transfer of files and data between systems through CD/DVD or USB.
    • Ability to report or evaluate any damage or changes in computers.
    • New Operating System installation.
    • Installation of Printer & Scanner device & drivers.
    • Understanding the market & marketing skill.
    • Account processing skill.
    • Organisation & Event management skill.
    • Detailed planning.
    • Decision making & ownership skill.
    • Presentation, Ownership, Communication, Team work & Ability skill.


    Infrastructure Maintenance ( Covers A+ Certification ) – ( Existing System Configuration Checkup And Performance Related Debugging, Software Installation, Antivirus Security, Browser Settings, OS User Management, Directory Structure, Backup, Restore, Fresh Installation, OS Repairing, Peripheral Setup, Client Connectivity, Database and Application Setup and Configuration, Video Conferencing, Mobile Sync, Outlook Setup and Utilization, Client Related Cloud Setup and Utilization, Resource Sharing, CCTV Camera – Attendance – EPBX System setup, Power Supply Related Issue, Documentation, Client Training, Team Communication, Reporting, Debugging and Implementation Tips and Tricks ), Hardware Repairing – ( Circuit Reading and Tracing, Repairing of  SMPS –  Monitor ( CRT, LCD, LED ) – Laptop – Printer – Motherboard – Keyboard – Mouse – Mobile and Other Peripherals, Soldering Methods and Practice , Utilization of Electronics Equipment, Parts Replacements, Online Purchase, Service and Warranty Related Issue, Costing )