Application Developer For Business

Course: Diploma in Application Developer

Designation: Jr. Programmer

    Methodology: Technical skill training related to Jr. Programming Responsibility using software development life cycle.

    Skill Set:

    • Ability to understand grass root of the problem.
    • Skilled enough to study system documents prepared by other developers.
    • Maintaining the Application Software developed by any other developer.
    • Ability to develop Structured-event driven programs to satisfy customer requirements.
    • Ability to write efficient code. (Code Optimization Techniques).
    • Skill for integrating self-developed program in a total application.
    • Ability to understand business process of the industry for which the software is being developed, i.e., Multinational Company, Public or Private Sector, Govt. Sector, Industries etc.
    • Skill of participation in team apart from the development work.
    • Skill to test the programs as per customer requirements.
    • Skill to test the programs using standard methods.
    • Re-usability of modules. (Functions, Procedure, Objects, Services, etc.)
    • Should possess efficient listening skill, skill of effective delegation.
    • Ability to report hierarchically, skill of convenience among the software group or application group.
    • Skill of application deployment.
    • Awareness on the cyber vulnerability.
    • Should be able to develop comprehensive documentation of application.
    • Endearing good leadership qualities.
    • Possess good Loyalty towards company and decent person.
    • Should Possess and understand the company.
    • Assertive and grasping skill.



    FTP, Hosting, Domain, Software architecture, client-server architecture



    SQL (DBMS, RDBMS, DML, DDL, DCL Statements, Store Procedure, Functions, Aggregate Functions, Group by & having Clause, Database Normalization), Project (SRS, Diagram, Database Design, Website Skeleton, Admin Panel, Query Processing, Dynamic SMS & Email, Social Network Interface, Domain Registration & Website Hosting), Software Testing


    • HTML 5, Dreamweaver, MS Office, Android Studio, Visual Studio, Turbo C, SQL Server, Eclipse, Net beans, WordPress.


    • C, C++,Core Java,SQL,J Query,CSS3
    • Python / .net / Adv. Java / PHP