Historical Progression & Introduction

Information Technology Centre(ITC) was established in 1988 and is now one of the largest paragon Computer Training Segments in Gujarat, India. ITC is able to successfully fulfill its vision through its rural location in Mogri, Gujarat. This allows youth from all areas to gain access to the high level of IT education that ITC offers. ITC is managed by Anoopam Mission – a non-profit, multinational charity organization aiming at the upliftment of society through various social welfare projects. ITC is run by the Saints of Anoopam Mission, who are pivotal in encouraging a sense of moral and cultural responsibility.

We firmly believe that the student, in essence, is a raw material and has to be molded into a product. Such a great transition requires a perfectly designed Computer Courses and Teaching Methodology. It is an accepted truth that conventional teaching methods are unable to deliver the high standards which the IT industry expects. Through our years of teaching experiences, constant student observations, student evaluations and consultations with industry members and academics, we have been able to design our own original and innovative teaching methodologies. These methodologies have resulted in Excellence Awards at National and International Levels, which immediately puts ITC’s teaching methods in direct competition with other National and International IT Institutions.

We were able to start regular short and long term, diploma and vocational courses in cloud computing, hardware, networking, software, website development, multimedia, CAD-CAM, office automation, accounting and others. Many of the course have helped to establish academic partnerships with international companies like Microsoft, Autodesk and NIELIT (government of India) courses. These courses have supported the educational growth of students in schools, colleges & company employees. Girls, women, individuals with special needs, economically poor and mainstream individuals have greatly benefited from these trainings. The courses offered have always been current with time and the students have been equipped with the latest technology tools to keep up with the fast pace of growing technology.

With the ITC certification, individuals have been able to find job placements locally, nationally and globally. They have been able to start their own software, hardware, website development and computer graphic businesses. For individuals who cannot obtain formal education or whose parents cannot afford to pay for a graduate degree, the ITC has provided various vocational training programs (e.g. DTP, Website maintenance, Mobile repair, computer repair, digital marketing, CAD Operators and others).

Due to our dedication to deliver a high level of education, ITC graduates are well-respected by IT companies for their unparalleled IT skills and knowledge base. It is due to this commitment to deliver high standards that has permitted ITC to increase its affiliations with the IT Industry. This combination of delivering a high quality education and maintaining associations with the IT Industry automatically increases the employability of ITC graduates.

The end product of the entire ITC process results in a well-rounded graduate with exceptional IT knowledge, moral and cultural values, and a secure place in the IT industry—Mission accomplished!

“The Overall goal of ITC is to build on all aspects of a student’s development, encompassing intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual growth.”

  • Established in 1988 ( 32 years )
  • Oldest Autodesk Authorized Training Center of India
  • Oldest NIELIT ( DOEACC Society) ( AICTE, MCIT Govt. of India ) Training Centre
  • A+ Rating by DOEACC Society
  • Received Excellence Award from IT Minister 3 times ( best out of 700 institutes )
  • Received Excellence award in the area of facilities, instructions and Curriculum from Autodesk Inc., USA
  • 80000 students Trained till date
  • 100 Computers Network ( IBM Blade server with Cloud Infrastructure – VMware virtualization, NAS Storage, Firewall, Backup etc.)
  • Microsoft, Autodesk, NIELIT ( Govt. of India ) Academic Partners.